Specialising in wedding photography in Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire and the West Midlands area. I’m a professional photographer who takes stunning, beautiful wedding imagery, creating a wonderful visual storytelling keepsake that you’ll treasure forever.

So what’s my style? Well, I could say I’m a photojournalistic, candid, contemporary, fun, alternative, non traditional, modern with a few quirky angles and classic portraiture thrown in type of photographer, that should just about cover all the bases! In fact I don’t commit to one style as I find it too limiting. My style is more “that’s a great photo” so I take it there and then. Or “this would make a great photo” so I ask you to take a step to your left, or better still I’ll move to my right, voilá.

You see if I had one style, I would have a certain look that I’m trying to get and then I may be tempted to go looking for it. My philosophy to great wedding photography is don’t go looking for it, great images on a wedding day are everywhere anyway, all I have to do is use my patience, my perception, be receptive to those images and take them when they present themselves to me. Sometimes I’ll call on my artistic side, get all creative and will set up a shot, if you’re up for that then great. So that’s my philosophy and it seems to be working, check out my best images in the galleries above to see if you agree, if so, I’d love to tell the story of your day. To get a flavour of a real wedding check out Rhian and Kris’ wedding here or look at my Real Weddings page above.

For more details on packages and my contact details please go to my information page.

Based in the centre of the country I’m a Birmingham Wedding Photographer taking wedding photography commissions from all over the UK. Popular dates get booked many months in advance so please contact me and I’ll provisionally hold the date for you if available.