Tracey and James at Ardencote Manor

Weddings at Ardencote Manor are always beautiful affairs, especially when you have a couple as wonderful and fun as Tracey and James.

It was an absolutely glorious Saturday in May. Tracey and James were having an outdoor ceremony and the setting was gorgeous, the grounds were beautiful, all the flowers were in bloom and the sun was shining. It was so warm I think James’ fingers must have expanded as Tracey had real trouble putting his wedding ring on, I love the sequence of those photographs below, It makes me crack up every time I look at them.

The guests were entertained by a fantastic magician during the drinks reception and I’m really pleased with some of the candid photos I managed to capture. This wedding also has some of my favourite children’s portraits. Initially I was struggling to get a nice shot of one of the little flower girls and then, just like a long wait for a bus, I got three beautiful photographs on the trot, voilá .

After the sun had gone down a little Tracey, James and I headed off to get some more intimate portraits of them. I really like the ones where they are separated at the entrance to the manor (a bride and groom don’t always have to be full frame, heads together, smiling and looking at the camera you know!). I also love the two moody black and white portraits of James, he looks like some kind of mafia boss.

When you get a venue, weather and couple like I did on this day you realise taking wedding photographs is the best job in the world.

I hope you enjoy looking through this small selection of the wedding photography of Tracey and James’ day. When finished why not look at some of my best wedding photography here.

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I love the B&W of them on the sofa.

You captured so much emotion! Great work DB!


Wow amazing!

What a fun wedding! The flower girls are adorable, I love the shot of the groom throwing the little one in the air.

Love that there was a magician there. What a fabulous idea!

Great work – you captured some very nice moments!

You have done a killer job on this set of images. Should be really proud of yourself!

Such a solid set and beautiful location! Rocked it!

Looks like a super fun wedding 🙂

Ace wedding and some great storytelling moments!

Great work throughout Damian.

Cool groom portraits and nice candids all around!


Brilliant. Looks like a great day.

Flower Girl

Thank you so much for making my uncles wedding day so special.

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