Rebecca and Carl at Gorcott Hall

Rebecca and Carl got married at the lovely Mappleborough Green Church with the reception being held at Gorcott Hall in Worcestershire.

It was the first time I had photographed a wedding featuring Gorcott Hall and it is absolutely gorgeous, a real hidden gem, even though I only live 10 minutes away I never even knew it existed! The main part of the hall dates back to the 15th century and it has some wonderful features with lovely wooden beams, a library, great grounds and beautifully decorated and furnished rooms.

It was a chilly but dry January day and the sun was shining for most of it. I started the day at Gorcott where Rebecca and her bridal party were all getting ready so I could get some of the morning atmosphere before heading to the church which is just a few minutes drive away. After the ceremony Rebecca, Carl and all the guests headed to Gorcott Hall on a vintage double decker bus.

I have so many photography highlights from this wedding but some of my favourites include the Pulp Fiction artwork with the shoes! The confetti shots, some of the group shots (such a laugh) in the sitting room of Gorcott Hall. Rebecca and Carl’s portraits and in particular some of the individual portraits of Rebecca and also the dance floor action, at one point some of the male guests grabbed me and held me high above their heads, which was a bit of a surprise (I did manage to get a shot off though).

I really enjoyed my first wedding here and hope it won’t be the last.

I hope you enjoy looking through this small selection of the photos from Rebecca and Carl’s day. When finished why not check out some of my other weddings on my Real Weddings page or check out some of my best wedding photography here.

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Heather Kanillopoolos

Haha that shot of the shoes is awesome!!!

Beautiful. You tell the story so well


So comprehensive and packed full of every kind of awesome from the little details to stunning portraits. Great set of images Damian!

Great work Damian.

Really great photos, I like the post-processing and colours 🙂

What a gorgeous wedding…so many wonderful shots in this set. Well done!!

Such great coverage the whole day through!!!


Wow. I love your style, great candids, great portraits, great party shots. You did a fantastic job.


Great coverage. Love your style. Great party shots.

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