Stacey and Mike at Moor Hall

Stacey and Mike’s wedding a few weeks ago was the first time I had shot wedding photography at Moor Hall in Sutton Coldfield. It was a lovely hot and sunny Friday in late July. I started the day at their apartment to catch some of the girls preparations, the dress, the shoes, and all those bits that a groom never sees.

I then headed off to St Chads Church in Sedgeley for the ceremony which had one of the funniest moments I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding. The priest asked the best man, Joe, to step forward with the rings, he then proceeded to bless them with some holy water that he was flicking down on Joe and the rings, normally a priest would do just one or two flicks of holy water but this priest did dozens! He was totally soaking Joe, he looked like he’d been caught out in a thunderstorm by the time the priest had finished, so funny.

After the ceremony it was off to the wonderful Moor Hall in Sutton Coldfield for the reception and wedding breakfast. The room the wedding breakfast was in was absolutely gorgeous and the grounds of Moor Hall are also beautiful.

Some of the photographs I love most from this wedding include all the great portraits I got of the happy couple and also some of the gorgeous individual portraits of Stacey. My favourite sequence of photographs though has to be during the speeches. Traditionally it’s the groom the best man tries to embarrass during the speeches with tales of misbehaviour and dirty deeds and although Joe did have some embarrassing tales about Mike he made sure he didn’t let Stacey off the hook by producing her teenage diary and reading some extracts. The look on Stacey’s face is just priceless. I also really like my last shot, a stunning full moon to finish a stunning day.

I hope you like this small selection from Stacey and Mike’s day. When finished you can see some more highlights from real weddings on my Real Weddings page (link above) or check out some of my favourite wedding photos on my portfolio page here.

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Truly stunning, beautiful portraits.

Darren Gair

Always love your blogs Damian and this one is no exception, a born storyteller in your work, from subtle but poignant details to truly unique moments this wedding has it all. Nice work mate!

It’s a beautiful job! great photos! congratulations!

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