Rhian and Kris at Wootton Park

Whoa where do I start with this wedding, a pub, cool groom, fun, sunshine, wheat fields, a gorgeous 16th century farmhouse, lama’s, a beautiful bride, so much fun and laughter, the threat of rain, outdoors (brave) ceremony on an island, brightening up, the threat of rain again, then sunshine, back to rain, then sunshine, we’re on, then threat of rain stops play, all back inside, back on, delayed start, then beautiful sunshine, glorious sky, a string quartet, loads of fun and laughter, a rowing boat, a nosey horse, fun, laughter, ice cream cart, afternoon tea, great speeches, fun, a drone, gourmet burgers, laughter, a fantastic live band and an epic party. Oh, did I mention all the fun and laughter we had!

So this is the wedding of Rhian and Kris who got married on a topsy turvy day in August. I started at the historic White Swan Inn at Henley, Warwickshire to get a few shots of the boys chilling. Then it was off to the wonderful Wootton Park to catch the girls and all the bridal preparations. The park has it’s own farmhouse and is set in 360 acres of lovely Warwickshire countryside. The weather forecast didn’t look too good for the morning and on entering the farm house the barometer on the wall didn’t hold out much hope either, rain. Rain! in August, at an outdoor wedding, oh no. We needn’t have worried though, the forecast was for it to get sunny later on and although it was a little late in coming it turned out to be a glorious day. One of my favourite shots is of Rhian looking forlornly on the rain splattering on a window pane. I also love the sequence of shots of the bridal party leaving the farm house only to have to go back in to let a rain shower pass.

Some of my other favourite photos include all the individual portraits of Rhian, the couple portraits and also Rhian with her bridesmaids, so funny. I did panic at one stage when the bridesmaids and their partners went to lift Rhian and hold her across their arms. Now the reason I panicked was because this is such an old clichéd shot, I never ask for guests to do this because it’s just so blasé. This time though it was just done spontaneously by Rhian’s friends and it was just so funny.

I think I will always look fondly back at this wedding just because Rhian had set her heart on an outdoor ceremony and it looked so many times that it would have to be rearranged to indoors but in the end it turned out beautifully. After I sent Rhian and Kris their photos and showreel I got this wonderful email back:

Hi Damian

I have just sat and cried my eyes out watching the showreel! I absolutely LOVE what you have done and every single image is perfect. It tells the tale of the whole day and I can’t believe the job that you have done!!

Thanks so much.

Rhian and Kris

Ah thanks guys.

I hope you enjoy looking through this selection of the wedding photographs of Rhian and Kris’ day. When finished have a look at some of my other weddings on the Real Weddings page above.

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Really nice work! I love the photos of her twirling her dress around, such a gorgeous bride!

Wow – what a lot of photos, that’s no problem though as all so good!

Darren Gair

Excellent Damian! Your attention to detail as ever is legendary, and those portraits, fantastic! great work buddy

Gorgeous job, particularly enjoyed the ceremony, very emotional and beautifully shot!

That shot of the groom looking through the car mirror – wow!

Great coverage Damian – it doesn’t look like you missed a second of the action 🙂

Heather K

I adore how you always capture a mix of classic, gorgeous beauty- and riotous fun and laughter. Awesome work!!

I love how well you documented their wedding day. They’re such a cute couple and that location is so pretty!

Jessica Schilling

Lovely wedding! The pub where the guys got ready is so cool and the ceremony site is gorgeous!

This crew looks like such a blast. Really great images!

What a fab wedding. Location to die for, photographers dream! I love every single frame.


Wow these are so so beautiful. Never seen so many smiles and fun at a wedding. Stunning wedding photographs, well done.


I’ve got to say those are some of the most wonderful wedding photographs I have ever seen, beautiful, truly beautiful. You’re such a great photographer.


These are absolutely fantastic. Love your portraits and she is stunning. If ever I get married again I want you as my wedding photographer.

Great work! I love it!

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