My best wedding photographs from 2015

How do you dwindle down tens of thousands of photographs from dozens of weddings to a few hundred favourites? With great difficulty, it’s taken me freakin’ ages!

So here’s my collection of some of my favourite images over the past year. From the little details like a pre wedding pizza for the kids to the speeches sweepstakes list, from the candid moments like the little boys being snapped in their pants with their socks on (they’ll learn) to a bride looking forlornly on rain splattering on a window pane, from the epic portraits to the funny moments, from the vibrantly colourful “shakin’ your booty” on the dancefloor to the moody black and white, from the minutiae of a shadow to an all encompassing wide angle, I’ve captured it all.

So why are these some of my favourites? Well sometimes it’s the light, the angle, the new pose I tried out, the moment it captured or just because it reminded me of a particular wedding. No they are not all technically perfect, so what, as the respected American wedding photographer Bambi Cantrell says “emotion will always beat technical perfection” but they all tell a story, capture an emotion, evoke a feeling, make you smile, laugh, cry, wonder.

So a big thank you to all the couples who trusted me in 2015. I never take your faith in me capturing your day for granted and I will always be honoured that you chose me over all the other wedding photographers you could have picked. Also thanks to all the venue staff, DJ’s, make up artists, venue dressers, florists and organisers who I’ve met who help bring a wedding day together. The biggest thank you though goes to my wonderful, beautiful wife and kids who put up with me being away for so many weekends over the year and for always being on the computer!

So sit back, relax and enjoy my favourites from 2015.

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Darren Gair

Stunning round up of one amazing year! Consistently brilliant, well done

Damian, thank you so much for sharing! I feel inspired looking at your photos and so many pics totally took my breath away.


Amazing photos Damian, well done!

What a great year you’ve had. So many fun moments captured! Have a great 2016!

Such a beautiful body of work. I really enjoyed this set of images!!

What a fantastic set of images to showcase 2015! It was very obviously a good year for both you and your couples. Congratulations!!

What a great year! So many smiles 🙂


Such an awesome year for you and all your clients!

What an awesome year! Great work!

You had me at the shoe shot on the sheep. Damn.

Rapidly becoming one of the very best wedding photographers out there. Bravo mate

Congratulations on a such great year Damian!! Loving your sense of humour in so many of these frames – you’re a man after my own heart!! Really enjoyed looking through the set 🙂

Fantastic set a great year

Some brilliant shots in here Damian – great work 🙂


OMG I have never seen so many wonderful and beautiful wedding photographs. These are absolutely stunning. Love your candid images.

[…] So sit back, relax and slowly scroll through this gallery to see what I got up to in 2016. If you’d like to look at last year’s collection you can click here. […]

[…] I’ll let you into a little secret about this image. This photo is a perfect example of how I work on a wedding day and is typical of the sort of portraits I get for my couples. Many people will look at the image and think “it looks so natural and unposed” the truth is it is posed, I’ve set the pose up. So how do I get the couple to laugh and look so happy and natural? Easy, I interact with them and encourage them to interact with each other by playing little games. You can see more examples of this on my Loved Up page. You can also see some more of my best wedding photography from 2016 here and if you really want to binge out you can also check out my best wedding photography of 2015. […]

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