Hitched’s “UK’s 15 Finest wedding photographers” feature.

Wedding couple in the grounds of Highbury Hall

WOW what an accolade, Hitched.co.uk has only gone and featured one of my images from last year in their “15 of the UK’s finest wedding photographers share their favourite photograph” feature.

Showing a beautiful moment from the fantastic wedding of Kelly and Donald where they share a laugh in the grounds of Birmingham’s beautiful Highbury Hall. Capturing moments like these are why wedding photography is the best job in the world, two people madly in love, happiest day of their lives, big celebration, big party, surrounded by their friends and family and I’m there basically doing my hobby!

I’ll let you into a little secret about this image. This photo is a perfect example of how I work on a wedding day and is typical of the sort of portraits I get for my couples. Many people will look at the image and think “it looks so natural and unposed” the truth is it is posed, I’ve set the pose up. So how do I get the couple to laugh and look so happy and natural? Easy, I interact with them and encourage them to interact with each other by playing little games. You can see more examples of this on my Loved Up page. You can also see some more of my best wedding photography from 2016 here and if you really want to binge out you can also check out my best wedding photography of 2015.




Congratulations for being shortlisted. Your approach is brilliant

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