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Just me rambling on about art, creativity and all things photographic. This is a new addition to my website and hopefully it will build into a collection of thoughts, stories, inspirations, an area for my personal work, a resource for other photographers and just a place where you can get a feel for my philosophy on photography.

You looking at me?

So this musing is on one of my pet hates in portrait and wedding photography when there are two or more people featured but you only want to put emphasis on one person. So one of the classic ways to isolate your subject in photography is to use a wide aperture to blur out/defocus the […]

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If Saul Leiter had done wedding photography.

So this musing is a sort of follow on from my previous musing on reflections in photography where I spoke about how showing images of reflections has a much more engaging effect on the viewer. You can see this previous musing here. Having recently become more familiar with the work of the famous photographer Saul Leiter, I thought […]

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Try pulling your eyelid down…

So my photo for today is of the beautiful Elyse who got married at Himley Hall in Staffordshire. This has got to be one of my all time favourite photographs of a bride. The story behind this image is Elyse, and her partner Ade, were hanging around waiting to be called in for their wedding […]

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I’m just taking a test shot.

When I first started wedding photography I’d see a scene I wanted to photograph, like a flower girl skipping, so I’d compose the shot, rattle off a few frames and then later when I checked the images on the camera monitor they wouldn’t be the way I wanted, they would be too dark or too […]

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My photo for today

Today I’m featuring a photo of the lovely Anita. There’s a bit of a story to this photograph which goes like this. About 3 years ago a friend that knew I liked photography asked if I would take some shots at his wedding as the official photographer was only staying to the sit down of […]

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