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Just me rambling on about art, creativity and all things photographic. This is a new addition to my website and hopefully it will build into a collection of thoughts, stories, inspirations, an area for my personal work, a resource for other photographers and just a place where you can get a feel for my philosophy on photography.


So this musing is going to be on Silhouettes and how to take more of them in your photography. A silhouette depicts a form or shape where the outline is clearly defined but with no detail visible within the shape or outline which is normally depicted as a solid black, sometimes you may have a […]

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My photo for today

So thought I would feature a dance photograph for my musing today. This is the gorgeous Amelia who was at the wedding of Catherine and Mark who got married at the beautiful Ashton Lodge. I really like this shot as the colours are just fabulous, Amelia’s expression is so “in the moment” and I think […]

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Mix up your Angles

So in my last musing I spoke about how by simply changing your metering you can get different looks to your photography. This article is about another simple method to give your images a professional feel by simply just changing the angle at which you take a photograph. Most amateurs and beginners nearly always take […]

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Mix up your Metering

So my musing today is how you can use your cameras metering system to get totally different looks to your photographs, even of the same subject in the same lighting conditions, at the same time. First a little explanation on what metering is. Most modern day cameras will have a built in light or exposure […]

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Stop, Motion.

When I first developed an interest in photography I’d see a blurry image and think “that’s no good it’s all blurry and out of focus”. I was taught a lesson by the great Ernst Haas and in particular this image of a Bullfighter. To me this is just a beautiful example of how showing motion […]

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